Sustainable development



The principle of respect for the environment, ecology at every stage of design, use of recyclable materials
and zero impact on natural areas of our structures, is the main axis around which all studies, work and achievements of H2O Floating Tech are organized.

H2O Floating Tech develops “hybrid” concepts allowing the use of “decarbonated” energies,
as well as exclusive non-polluting innovations in order to ensure the preservation of host sites,
whatever their configuration, and all the seabed (sea and fresh water).

Pontons et docks flottants


• Integration of recyclable materials in the design and construction phases of infrastructure.

Bâtiments flottants : écologie système hybride


• Connection to terrestrial networks.
• On-board generator.
• Energy by solar panels with lithium battery storage.

Bâtiments flottants : écologie et électricitté


• Option of autonomous electric energy production by a process of solar panels and lithium storage system.

Bâtiments flottants : écologie et hydrogène


• Hydrogen fuel cell option for full range with electric drive navigation option.

Bâtiments flottants : écologie et production d'eau

Water production

• Option of producing autonomous drinking and domestic water by desalination process, filtration and water purification.

Bâtiments flottants : écologie et assainissement


• Option of autonomous on-board sanitation without wastewater discharge by different on-board possibilities or « phytosanitary satellites ».