Green innovations

Studies and work carried out with the authorities and, more specifically, with environmental protection institutions and associations, particularly in the United States (DERM), have made it possible to define new, more demanding criterias for the protection of the coastal seabed, both at the dock and offshore.

H2O Floating Tech has identified and developed several innovations allowing new standards of seabed protection, some of which are totally exclusive and unique.

Stabilization without anchoring

• Geolocation at sea by satellite (GPS) with stabilization of the positioning (memorized location) and permanent synchronization of the platform by electric propulsion.

Hydrogen option essential

Ecological anchoring

•  Exclusive “Made in France” eco-responsible STAF & STAR anchoring system.

•  Maximum protection of the seabed with anti-tear system and strong resistance to wind and swell.

Suitable for all types of seabeds

Sunlighting under structure

• Exclusive seabed lighting system under the platform.

• Reproduction of the natural sunlighting cycle of the sea bed.

Electrical option required