Floating spaces creator

Structures and floating spaces for housing and/or business.

H2O Floating Tech imagines, designs, manufactures and realizes all types of structures and floating spaces
perfectly adapted to each project of business and/or housing.

Each project involves a naval and maritime study as well as a specific architectural study, and has the necessary certifications and approvals under the flag of its owner’s choice.

Each model is developed with a high level of requirement and quality control in a permanent ecological dynamic with the integration of related last generation technologies.

H2O Floating Tech offers new solutions in the professional and private sectors, the opportunity of unique innovative profits with luxurious and « avant-garde » conditions to live and share, the prospects of innovative operations and profitability in a stable investment over time.

H2O Floating Technology - Créateur d'espaces flottants

H2O Floating Technology

Created in 2017 by investors from different professional sectors : real estate, building  construction, architecture, nautical activity, shipbuilding industry.

The development is based on many complementary skills « crossroads », coming from a perfect expertise of the essential fields, a rigorous study and a work of several years in particular for the optimization of the systems and the technical or ecological innovations.

The solutions elaboration and the projects design imply the intervention of a multidisciplinary network specialized and recognized on a excellence area, at the national level, and international for specific technologies.

Our products

Dock VIP lounge flottant

Pontoons & floating docks

Barges pontons industriels pour plateformes flottantes

Coastal & autonomous structure - Dock extension & independent plateforms

Villas indivuelles-flottantes

Floating housing